Deepflected Music

Essential House Vibe #221

? It’s the Essential House Vibe! An hour of the best house music ?

EHV Disco Pinz Top Tracks #221


  1. Brazilian Love (Nu Disco Mix) /Deepflected Music – Disco Pinz, JLaforteza
  2. Hot Day Today (Original Mix) /Deepflected Music – JLaforteza
  3. Searched Around (Clubmix) /Hardcopy Recordings – Souvernance
  4. Shake Down (Original Mix) /Pina Colada Records – Hotmood
  5. Come 2 Me (Original Mix) /Pina Colada Records – Bonetti
  6. Swept Away Again (Extended Mix) /Deepflected Music – JLaforteza
  7. Never Knew Love Like This Before (Trois Garcon M) /Trois Garçon – Wayne Soul Avengerz, Odyssey Inc., Venessa Jackson
  8. Studio 54 (Original Mix) /Discoweey – Hotmood
  9. World Of Dreams (Original Mix) /Spa In Disco – HP VINCE
  10. In Wide Pants /DOBRO – Leiba
  11. It’s a Spiritual Thing (Miki Zara Mix) /More than House!! – Dj Steve Love, Miki Zara

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Essential House Vibe by: JLaforteza