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This Is Our House (2021)

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    This Is Our House (2021)

    Deepflected feat. Chuck Roberts

This Is Our House

which was first released as “Deeper Groove Mix” on November 23rd, 2019 with a stylish deep house and still has the 808 and 909 drum machine sound and the Juno bassline sound that was replicated from the original tune, of course! still included to this track is the powerful house voice of Chuck Roberts which was originally part of Larry Heard, Fingers Inc. “Can You Feel It” and mashup remake of Rhythm Control’s “My House”. This 2021 we are going to release a new style of “This Is Our House” with more sophisticated elements of deep house sound and a punchy tech house banging beats that surely you will swing to this new sound of our Tech Groove Mix!



Enjoy and feel the groove!

~ Deepflected 😉


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